The purpose of the Award is to encourage the engineers both young and veterans to make great contributions to the engineering field in the FEIAP region.

The Prize

The Prize shall consist of a certificate, and a medal and commemorative souvenir.


One Prize shall be awarded biennially by the President at each FEIAP General Assembly.

Selection of Prize-Winner

The recipient of the Prize shall be chosen by the FEIAP Executive Committee based on the recommendations from the member institutions.

Presentation of Candidates

Candidates may be proposed at least one month earlier to the Secretary General prior to the Executive Committee meeting which is scheduled at least four months preceding the next General Assembly.


The work for the Award shall be substantial, with significant contributions to the advancement and development of engineering professions in the FEIAP region, and/or the progress of scientific research in the field of engineering as judged by the quality of his or her publications and/or patents.

The recipient should be of an engineering background having a highest standard of ethics and conduct, and should have made a substantial contriĀ­bution in the field of engineering benefiting society as a whole.