The Federation shall have a Secretary – General

As Chief Executive Officer of the Federation, the Secretary – General shall furthermore be responsible for the administration and supervision of the Secretariat and shall carry out such duties as are necessary to execute and foster the objectives, policies and instructions of the Federation including:

  • Organizing and managing meetings of the Federation;
  • Implementing the decisions of meetings of the Federation;
  • Preparing the draft budget of the Federation;
  • Compiling and disseminating appropriate information;
  • Preparing and issuing publications;
  • Assisting Members in obtaining information;
  • Administering the property and the funds of the Federation;
  • Making adequate and appropriate arrangements for the calling of nominations from Members for the offices of the President, Vice President and the other members of the Executive Com­mittee;
  • Representing the Federation when the President or Vice President is unavailable, or when instructed by the Executive Committee.

At the end of his/her term of office the Secretary – General shall, without delay, hand over all documents, records, accounts and all other prop­erties belonging to the Federation to the incoming Secretary General.