The objectives of FEIAP is to

  • To foster cooperation and the exchange of information between its Members;
  • To facilitate the exchange of members of engineering institu­tions between different economies in the region;
  • To encourage the formation and to foster the activities of institutions of engineers in the region;
  • To sponsor meetings, symposia and congresses of regional interest and relevance;
  • To study issues concerning the education, continuing professional development and qualifications of engineers;
  • To cooperate with international, regional and govern­mental and non-governmental organizations and to encourage engineers in the region to contribute to the activities of these organizations.

FEIAP’s Role

✓ Incorporated an Accreditation System Model Framework adaptive to Needs of Member Economies

✓ Provide Mentoring Assistance

✓ Educating its Member Economies on Evaluation and Reviewing Accreditation Agency procedure

✓ Provide training and guidance to local universities,  Assessors of its Member economy


✓ To help its member economies to be competitive and  have engineers able to meet up with global requirement

✓ To help the universities within the economy members to reach a standard acceptable globally 

✓ To provide training and guidance to member economy to attain the acceptable standard