The General Assembly shall consist of the nominated representatives of Members, the Immediate Past President, President, one Vice President and the Secretary General. In the event that a representative member is unable to attend the General Assembly, a written proxy may be given to another member of the General Assembly.
In any meeting of the General Assembly each Member shall be entitled to only one vote. Honorary Members and Associate Members are not eligible to vote. Every member of the Executive Committee shall have no right to vote except on those occasions when authorized to vote on behalf of a Member. At meetings of the General Assembly decisions shall be made by majority vote of Members present, except other­wise specified in this Constitution.

The General Assembly shall:

  •  Appoint the President, who shall usually be the Vice President in office.
  •  Elect the Vice President and three members as members of the Executive Committee.
  •  Appoint a Permanent Secretariat, including a Secretary General, which shall be hosted by one of the Members for a term of five years; earlier review should be conducted.
  •  Appoint any Committee(s) that it may deem necessary for the conduct and administration of the work of the Federation.
  •  Review the work carried out by the Committee(s) of the Federation.
  •  On the recommendation of the Executive Committee, determine the amount of annual dues from members.
  •  Examine and approve the Federation’s accounts for the period since the previous ordinary meeting of the General Assembly.
  •  At the request of the Executive Committee, examine proposed amendments to the Constitution and to adopt those that it approves.

The General Assembly shall hold an ordinary meeting once every year. The venue of the ordinary meetings shall be rotated as far as possible. The ordinary meetings of the General Assembly shall be convened by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee may call an extraordinary General Assembly meeting, at its discretion, when in its opinion, such a meeting is warranted. The meeting may be conducted face-to-face, telephonically or electronically.