FEIAP Green Design Guide – Residential Building

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Part 1: Energy Efficiency
1-1 Building Envelope

Enhance the overall thermal performance of building envelope to minimise heat gain thus reducing the overall cooling load when required.

1-2 Dwelling Unit Indoor Comfort

Enhance dwelling unit indoor comfort either through the provision of better efficient airconditioners or good natural ventilation design.

(a)(i) Use of energy efficient air-conditioners that are certified.

  • Air-con Energy Saver, AES significantly reduces carbon emissions, improves air quality and can save you up to 30% on your energy costs for air-conditioning.
  • Households that are still using the old generation of air conditioner, proper energy saving air conditioning tips can be given.
  1. 1.    A dusty filter reduces air flow. Examine your unit’s air filters once a month and clean or replace filters when necessary. Keeping your filters clean can cut energy consumption 5 to 15%.
  2. 2.    Set the thermostat down to 720 F would increase your cooling costs 12 to 47%, depending on where you live.

(ii)Design for natural ventilation (applicable to development where air-conditioners are not provided).

  • Building layout design: Proper design of building layout that utilizes prevailing wind conditions to achieve adequate cross ventilation.

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  • Dwelling unit design: Good ventilation in indoor units through sufficient openings.

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(b) Use of ventilation simulation software to identify the most effective building design and layout to achieve good natural ventilation.

1-3 Natural Ventilation in Common Areas

Design for natural ventilation in following common areas

(a)  Lift lobbies and corridors
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(b)  Staircases

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1-4 Lighting

Encourage the use of better efficient lighting or daylighting in common areas to minimise energy consumption from lighting usage while maintaining proper lighting level.