FEIAP Green Design Guide – Non-Residential Building
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1-10 Renewable Energy
Encourage the application of renewable energy sources in buildings.

  • Solar energy

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Part 2: Water Efficiency
2-1 Water Efficient Fittings

Encourage the use of water efficient fittings
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2-2 Water Usage and Leak Detection

Promote the use of sub-metering and leak detection system for better control and monitoring.

(a) Provision of sub-meters for major water uses which includes irrigation, cooling tower and tenants’ usage.

(b) Linking all sub-meters to the Building Management System (BMS) for leak detection.

2-3 Irrigation System

Provision of suitable systems that utilise rainwater or recycled water for landscape irrigation to reduce potable water consumption.

(a) Use of non potable water including rainwater for landscape irrigation.

(b) Use of water efficient irrigation system.

  • Drip irrigation systems

Drip irrigation system can be a great way to save because they put water only where you want it. Unlike a soaker hose, which emits water all along its length, a drip system delivers water directly to plants’ roots, which cuts down on waste and also reduces weeds

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2-4 Water Consumption of Cooling Tower

Reduce potable water use for cooling purpose.

(a) Use of cooling tower water treatment system which can achieve 6 or better cycles of concentration at acceptable water quality.

(b) Use of recycled water.

  • Rain water