Dates Events Venue / Host
26 November 2007 14th General Assembly – FEISEAP (with CAFEO) Cebu , Philippines (PTC)
2 June 2008 15th General Assembly – FEISEAP
Dinner Reception (with CAFEO)
Hanoi, Vietnam (VUSTA)
25 November 2008
30th Anniversary Dinner
16th General Assembly – FEISEAP/FEIAP
Keynote Lecture and Anniversary Dinner and Awards Night
(Dr Prida Wibilswas) (with CAFEO)
Bangkok, Thailand (EIT)
4 June 2009 1st Exco Meeting Yangon, Myanmar (MES)
1 December 2009
31st Anniversary Dinner
17th General Assembly
Special Lecture andt Anniversary Dinner and Awards Night
(Mdm Maria Prieto Laffargue)
Renamed as Distinguished Lecture
Dr John Keung (with CAFEO)
Suntec City, Singapore (IES)
14 June 2010 2nd Exco Meeting Jakarta, Indonesia (PII)
2 December 2010
32nd Anniversary Dinner
18th General Assembly
18th Distinguished Lecture, Anniversary Dinner and Awards Night
(Prof Dr Nguyen Truong Tien) (with CAFEO)
Hanoi, Vietnam (VUSTA)
2 June 2011 3rd Exco Meeting Taipeh, Taiwan (CIE)
5 October 2011
(2-7 October 2011)
33rd Anniversary Dinner
19th General Assembly
1st FEIAP Convention 2011
Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Awards Night
Raffles City, Singapore (IES)
17 May 2012
(16-18 May 2012) 34th Anniversary Dinner
20th General Assembly
20th Distinguished Lecture Night and Anniversary Dinner
(Prof. Kun Mo Chung) (no awards)
Seoul, Korea (KPEA)
17 December 2012
(16-19 Dec 2012)
4th Exco Meeting (with CAFEO) Phnom Penh, Cambodia (BEC)
9 May 2013
(8-11 May 2013) 35th Anniversary Dinner
21st General Assembly
2nd FEIAP Convention 2013 with
Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Awards Night
Hyderabad, India (IEI)
12 November 2013
(10-14 November 2013)
5th Exco Meeting (with CAFEO) Jakarta, Indonesia (PII)
30 May 2014
(29 May-2 June 2014)
36th Anniversary Dinner
22nd General Assembly
22nd Distinguished Lecture and Awards Night
Beijing, China (CAST)
12 November 2014
(10-13 November 2014)
6th Exco Meeting (with CAFEO) Yangon, Myanmar (MES)
7 July 2015
(5-7 July 2015)
37th Anniversary Dinner
23rd General Assembly
3rd FEIAP Convention 2015 with
Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Awards Night
Taipei, Taiwan (CIE)
25 November 2015
(23-26 November 2015)
7th Exco Meeting (with CAFEO) Penang, Malaysia (IEM)
7 July 2016
(6-8 July 2016)
38th Anniversary Dinner
24th General Assembly
Keynote Speech and Awards Night
Perth, Australia (EA)
23 November 2016
(21-24 November 2016)
8th Exco Meeting (with CAFEO) Palawan, Philippines (PTC)
17th May 2017
39th Anniversary Dinner
25th General Assembly 4th FEIAP Convention 2017 with Anniversary Celebration Dinner and Awards Night Islamabad, Pakistan (Pakistan Engineering Council)
November 2017 9th FEIAP Exco Meeting (with CAFEO) Bangkok, Thailand